Who are we?

The luxury of cruise in ya budget.

We are on a tour, trying to rejuvenate ourselves from the hectic routine, deadlines, and yeah meetings which we have piled on mercilessly on ourselves every single day of the past year. But then , we are constantly worrying about how bigger the hole it would leave when this finally end. How do we that?? How do we manage to bring worries and wrinkles even while we are supposed to have fun and forget.  HOW do we revel luxury in our budget?? How do we fit the heaven in our pocket? How do we keep our financial worries at our doorstep when we plan on touring and travelling, to at least, even for a moment, enjoy tranquility and find Peace. How do we capture the essence of life, the spirituality of it, and for to wait for a moment and think and exclaim,” OHH my heavenly!! Life really is beautiful.”

Don’t worry while are here.  Plan your holiday with us. We provide you the luxury of stars in your budget. The luxurious rooms with posh feel and state of the art amenities, authentic Nepalese, Indian and continental delicacies, the much acclaimed personalized service of ours, blended with the traditional deep rooted hospitality , the mantra we all hold dear at Hotel Kamal is the centuries long embedded in our heart  “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” (Guests are god), and we certainly treat you like one.

Centrally located in Kamalpokhari,Kathmandu,Nepal. Hotel Kamal serves your need for a quiet and well-facilitated deluxe accommodation in Kathmandu. Book your stay with us and let our well-trained service crew cater to your needs with a remarkable combination of Nepalese hospitality, modern amenities, and personalized care.
Simply book your accommodation now and be eligible for our airport pickup services.

Come stay with us, plan with us, and take back the memories that will everlast.